Looking back is never easy. What do we choose to memorialize and what do we choose to forget?  Is memory ever a true representation of an event or rather an interpretation we impose on the past based on our wishes, disappointments, hopes and regrets?

I have been actively photographing my children and environments and people around me for years as a way to better understand my connection to them. But it is not until looking back that I can begin to see more clearly what it means. Perhaps much of this process has allowed me to avoid having to deal so directly with difficult life events and instead has provided a way of channeling the feelings associated with them. While trying to capture these small moments and personal encounters, I not only attempt to empathize with my subjects and document their experience I am also imprinting my own thoughts and feelings onto them.

With distance and perspective one can begin to piece together moments that tell a story – over time - of the joys and burdens we all share.

- Ilisa Katz Rissman